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I’ve been playing with this app on Mac, iPhone and iPad for a few days and am finding it quite useful, if so far lacking in some quite important features. The general idea is that you use it to record thoughts and notes, and that it asynchronously seeks relevant information in the background from a few sources (Bing, Wikipedia, News, YouTube, iTunes) so that, when you get back to it, there’s a whole load of detail that you can follow up on.

It cries out for better means to move results from one place to another: even a bit more copy and paste would help, but the ability to send to EverNote or ReadItLater would be really useful. It could also do with a few more sources: for me, Google Scholar would be a must, and Google Search is generally superior to Bing for me.  I’d also like to see options for refining and filtering searches: a typical search is a real-time conversation whereas this is more like sending a letter and waiting for a reply, and the lack of export and filtering makes that feel quite clunky. For many notes, there is just a bit too much serendipity in the returned results. However, I like the way that you can jot down ideas and questions then come back another time to find that the app has done a bit of preliminary research on your behalf, and that searches are replicated across different devices so you can (say) jot a note on the iPhone while sitting on a bus then explore related things later on a Mac.

Address of the bookmark: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2012/06/15/dunno-for-mac-and-ios-will-change-the-way-that-you-take-notes-forever/

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