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One of the major themes in my work of the last decade or two has been motivation and, in particular, the systemic ways that it can be distorted or broken by our educational systems. It is deeply bizarre that what is perhaps our most primal desire – to learn – can become a chore, considered unpleasant enough that we need to create rewards and punishments to coerce people into doing it, and that the institutions we create for supporting it result as often as not in people with a lifelong aversion to at least one subject. This is, arguably, the biggest problem that professional educators and learners need to solve. Much of my thinking on the subject is heavily influenced by self-determination theory and its cousins (especially Alfie Kohn’s work, and the concept of Flow), which usually provides the framing for what I have written. Here are some posts that discuss this problem and, sometimes, propose solutions.


The importance of a good opening line

New article from Gerald Ardito and me – The emergence of autonomy in intertwingled learning environments: a model of teaching and learning

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Preprint – The human nature of generative AIs and the technological nature of humanity: implications for education

Cognitive prostheses and the future of the human race




Some meandering thoughts on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ learning

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Ernst & Young fined $100 million after employees cheated in exams

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English version of my 2021 paper, “Technology, technique, and culture in educational systems: breaking the iron triangle”

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Challenges of the Physical: slides from my keynote at XII Conferência Internacional de Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação na Educação, September 2021

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Evaluating assessment


Mindfulness Meditation Impairs Task Motivation but Not Performance


Beyond learning outcomes

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Addicted to learning or addicted to grades?

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Infants make more attempts to achieve a goal when they see adults persist

Highly praised children are more inclined to cheat

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Strategies for successful learning at AU

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Our educational assessment systems are designed to create losers

Every attempt to manage academia makes it worse

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

Alfie Kohn: “It’s bad news if students are motivated to get A’s” – YouTube



The cost of admission to the unlearning zone

Demotivating students with participation grades


Understanding the response to financial and non-financial incentives in education: Field experimental evidence using high-stakes assessments

‘Rote learning, not play, is essential for a child’s education’ – seriously?

Activity trackers flop without cash motivation – Futurity

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Research reveals the dark side of wearable fitness trackers

Learning and the Kardashians




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What Maslow’s Hierarchy Won’t Tell You About Motivation





Multiple types of motives don’t multiply the motivation of West Point cadets

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