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Yet again showing why it is a good idea to hire intelligent people, Google have launched three open and easy-to-use APIs for profile info, friends info (the social graph) and activities (news feed type stuff). We’ve needed this for a long time. What makes this doubly cool is that Google is not trying to compete head-on with Facebook and its proprietary brethren. Far from it. Instead, they have gathered together the likes of Orkut, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Friendster and Ning to implement the standards.Wow. This may turn out to be an incredibly big step forward on the road to the mashed up universe and applications that move into another realm of usefulness and adaptability. Web 3.0? No. But I think this might be the point that Web 2.0 comes of age.
Created:Wed, 31 Oct 2007 03:42:49 GMT

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