James Paul Gee on games, social media and education



A marvellous video from Edutopia featuring James Paul Gee in which he presents some very persuasive arguments for games and social media in education. More importantly, he challenges how school education is done in the US (although there are local differences this is much the same as it is done most of the world when you get down to basics, and pretty much the same as much of university education, especially in the sciences) and offers some ways out. Not much is new in what he has to say, but he says it very well. Enjoy!

I am a professional learner, employed as a Full Professor and Associate Dean, Learning & Assessment, at Athabasca University, where I research lots of things broadly in the area of learning and technology, and I teach mainly in the School of Computing & Information Systems. I am a proud Canadian, though I was born in the UK. I am married, with two grown-up children, and three growing-up grandchildren. We all live in beautiful Vancouver.

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