/Message: Pew Internet Study: Why Tagging Matters

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A summary of the Pew Foundation’s study of tagging behaviour among Internet citizens. You’re more likely to do it if you’re intelligent, well-paid and under 50, and less likely to do it if you’re white (at least in the US) Apparently around 7% of the population might be tagging on any given day, but overall just over a quarter of Internet users tag online content at some point.
So – control from the bottom-up relies on the activities of the minority. No great surprise I guess, but it would be nice if more people contributed.If it’s going to take off as an educational technology then I have one or two concerns about such a relatively small number controlling the shape of things.I’m not sure, because I would rather it were in the hands of those who know what they are doing and who understand what they are tagging and why, but there could be a vast untapped source of knowledge out there.
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By: Jon Dron
Posted: February 3, 2007, 11:16 pm

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