Rovio robot controlled via Skype with Emotiv brain-reading headset

Call me a geek, but I want one of these! It’s not quite Avatar yet but it’s a pretty good start. A robot that can be controlled by thoughts transmitted over the Internet. Who wouldn’t want one?

The Rovio itself is a mighty cool device at a very reasonable price (its main competitor is the Spykee, which is natively controllable by SKype, and both are obtainable for well under $300) which lets you do online video conferencing while your robot avatar wanders around the remote location, controlled by you. Both are clever enough to find their own charging stations when they run out of juice. Sadly, neither Rovio nor Skypee yet includes a front-facing video screen – just camera and microphone – so the people at the other end have to stick a picture of you on the device with a bit of blu-tack if they want that Avatar-like realism,

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