Students ‘should use Wikipedia’

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Jimmy Wales says “You can ban kids from listening to rock ‘n’ roll music, but they’re going to anyway,” he added. “It’s the same with information, and it’s a bad educator that bans their students from reading Wikipedia”

He is absolutely right. Wikipedia is one of the best ways to learn something new. On the other hand he also mentioned that it still lacks the authority to be used as a citeable source for college-aged and university students. Again, he is right. I would not condone citing Encyclopaedia Britannica for that matter. It’s an encyclopaedia! But Wikipedia is a darn good one, and it can lead to some great resources to find out more. As an educator, I strongly encourage my students to use Wikipedia, but not to cite it. The idea that some fools think that we should ban it appalls me.

But the idea that we should rely on it scares me more.
Created:Sat, 08 Dec 2007 08:53:16 GMT

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