In a nutshell, this is everything that is wrong with the cloud

If you use an Adobe product (I don’t know why you should – they are over-priced rubbish) you will find that some old Pantone spot colours in your own images (no matter how old) will be replaced with black when you load files using them, unless you pay Pantone US$21/month for the rights to use those colours. Yes, colours.

In fairness, though it is a damning critique of SaaS (software as a service) this is also what is wrong with intellectual property laws but, when the two are mashed together, it results in perfect insanity. Unless your software and all that it relies upon is open, or at least supports fully open standards, something like this is bound to happen. Though this is the most insane example I have yet to see, the results are often far worse – SaaS providers folding, being purchased by others, changing their prices, changing software so that it no longer meets your needs, removing things you rely on, changing privacy terms, moving services to hostile countries, and so on, are the norm, not the exception. Renting locked-in proprietary software on which you rely that lives in the cloud, for which there is no drop-in replacement, for which egress is difficult or impossible, is short-sighted at best.

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