Microsoft Word

I hate Microsoft Word. It is buggy, ugly, clunky, slow, lacking in features, lacking in standards compliance and massively overpriced. Why, when others could do it more than 20 years ago, can you not even drag a picture to where you want it to be?  

I use it solely for compatibility with others, which is why I am currently using it to coauthor a book. I estimate its bugs and failings cost me an average of an hour or two a day at the moment. 

This error message sums it up for me:

MS Word error message

If you cannot read this, it says ‘The document “crowdbookdraftjd.docx” could not be opened. Word cannot open files in the “Microsoft Word Document” format.’


I am a professional learner, employed as a Full Professor and Associate Dean, Learning & Assessment, at Athabasca University, where I research lots of things broadly in the area of learning and technology, and I teach mainly in the School of Computing & Information Systems. I am a proud Canadian, though I was born in the UK. I am married, with two grown-up children, and three growing-up grandchildren. We all live in beautiful Vancouver.

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