Dwellings is a new kind of virtual learning environment, a kind of collaborative web browser incorporating chat, resource sharing and simple resource creation. It is based on the dynamics of cities, following from the work of Jane Jacobs. You could think of it as a cross between a MOO, a Wiki, a learning object repository and something else (social software).
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International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning

Not a major journal but hosts some interesting articlesThis Journal was established to facilitate collaboration and communication among researchers, innovators, practitioners, and administrators of education and training programs involving technology and distance learning.

Duquesne University supported the Journal during its first year of operation under leadership of Lawrence Tomei, Director of the TEIR Center and Don Perrin of DonEl Learning Inc. Additional support is provided by a host of volunteer editors, referees, and production staff that cross national boundaries.

The Journal is monthly, refereed, global, and free. It is focused on research and innovation in teaching and learning. The editors and staff are committed to publish significant writings of high academic stature and make them freely available to stakeholders in distance learning and technology including research, education and training – worldwide.

Donald G. Perrin, Executive Editor

Stephen Downes, Editor at Large

Brent Muirhead, Senior Editor, Online Learning

Elizabeth Perrin, Editor, Synchronous Learning

Muhammad Betz, Referee Manager/Coordinator
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